Owen-Zella Whitfield Foundation
Community Sharecroppers

Community Sharecroppers


We believe that descendants should never forget the rich history of sharecroppers and the honor of their struggle against oppression of the planters, farmers and the desperate conditions of their lives.






TWF dedication is this Saturday, September 27, 2014, 11:00 am, Highway 60/62 between Country Rd 323 and Highway JJ, We look forward to seeing you there.

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The Whitfield Foundation will be sponsoring a fundraiser for the construction of a national sharecropper’s museum and library inspired by all sharecroppers that suffered through the evictions, and the 1939 Cropperville camp settlement of sharecroppers near Harviell, Missouri. Under the encouraging leadership of Reverend Owen H. Whitfield, this land was purchased by the St. Louis Community for the rehabilitation of Sharecroppers; this area was established as a refuge for needy dispossessed evicted sharecroppers. This community came to serve as a model of democracy in action and it gain active cooperation of each resident. Their desire was to promote good will and understanding in the territory surrounding their new community. This area was 99.88 acres or more in Butler County, on County Road 488 near Harviell, Missouri.   "OH FREEDOM"   see the newsletter at for more details at: https://whitfieldfoundation.shutterfly.com/