Owen-Zella Whitfield Foundation
Community Sharecroppers

Community Sharecroppers


We believe that descendants should never forget the rich history of sharecroppers and the honor of their struggle against oppression of the planters, farmers and the desperate conditions of their lives.




The Whitfield Foundation seeks pro bono construction, architecturals and developers help in SEMO.

The Whitfield Foundation are looking for contruction, architecturals and developers to donate their services for our historical museum, library and camp on some land which made presidential history in 1939. TWF plan is to provide the community  with educational programs as their father and grandfather did back in 1939.

  • Museum
  • Library
  • Recreational Center
  • Camp Site
  • Baseball Field
  • Swimming Pool
  • and much more


Museum & Library


Museum & Library



Remodel and build 10 - 20

cabins for rental.


We are seeking examiners to examine the

Sharecropper's Cemetery.


For more information contact


Shirley Whitfield Farmer

8311 Jefferson Ave

Vinita Park, MO 63114

Phone: 314-423-3755

Email: karen51700@yahoo.com

Valeria C. Fowler

5222 Idaho Ave. 

St. Louis, MO 63111

Phone: 314-706-7837

Email: jahholdings@swbell.net

Mrs. Elma Whitfield Hatchett  

529 Donna Drive

Jackson, Missouri. 

Phone: 573-270-1457



Email:  rsttn@aol.com