Owen-Zella Whitfield Foundation
Community Sharecroppers

Community Sharecroppers


We believe that descendants should never forget the rich history of sharecroppers and the honor of their struggle against oppression of the planters, farmers and the desperate conditions of their lives.












Board of Directors


Josie Whitfield McGee Founder, Retired Social Services, clerical secretary. 31 years US. Post Office, Personnel Assistant Equal Opportunity Office Human Resources Division. Interviewer, Counselor, Administrative facilitator and Office Manager.


Shirley Farmer Whitfield/President Ordained Minister, Janitorial business owner, church and civic organizer, Licensed Practical Nurse  (LPN) Radio Traffic Manager. Teachers Assistant, Lot A Luv Child Development Ctr.





Clay Farmer -   Ordained minister, Corporate Chaplain, security work, farming.


Ronald P. Love Sr. Vice President -  Ordained Minister & Pastor, Corporate Facilities Group manager McDonnell Douglas - Boeing retired, Military; US Air Force,Real estate partnership - Holiday Realty & home rehab, KFC franchise general manager.Attended Stowes Teachers College, and Florissant Valley Community College.



Elma Staten/Hatchette  Self-employed business owner of  Whitfield’s restaurant Cape Girardeau MO. & Restaurant catering service, wedding planner service andWhitfield clothing Boutique retail. BS, Registered Nurse, Staffing Resource Manager, Neurology and

Orthopedic Nurse Specialist, Lay Pastor ordained.




Ozella (Mikki) Henson  - College Degree..Physician Assistant License thru UCLA Med Center and Torrence Community Coll. Physician Assistant in family practice medicine and OB/GYN. Organizes various church and civic programs. Bereavement Counselor, hospice volunteer and member of Board of Directors in Mo.



Valeria C. Fowler –  Retired EMT/Paramedic.  Property manager, rehab technician, President of J.A.H. Corporate Holdings Inc. and manager of KV Mountain View Properties, LLC.




Gerald Whitfield

Kevin Whitfield 

Owen Terry 

Malaika Chavous 

Joel Hatchette 

Brenda Whitfield

Kim Whitfield