Owen-Zella Whitfield Foundation
Community Sharecroppers

Community Sharecroppers


We believe that descendants should never forget the rich history of sharecroppers and the honor of their struggle against oppression of the planters, farmers and the desperate conditions of their lives.


About Us


About Us

Reverend Owen H. & Zella Whitfield was concerned about the welfare and treatment of all sharecroppers; the labor conditions and social environment in which they lived.   There are signs in every community that we, like Reverend Whitfield, more than ever, must continue the faith, and work to reach out to the less fortunate with arms of love, and compassion to all.

So we're going to look back at Cropperville, a remarkable sharecropper community where they lived and survived through hardships.  It’s a remembrance of what we're calling, The Cropperville Story.  Our families’ rich heritages and memories of good values, unity, hardworking rural life, black and white in unity, living off the land and learning how to survive with nothing but hope and a little know how. This knowhow is what we hope to pass on to our next generation, the children, grandchildren, and hopefully our troubled generation today.

Every individual born deserves the opportunity to learn the skills needed to become a productive member of the community.  A thriving community is essential in revitalizing the City.  So we're about educating the youth to be responsible builders and participants in this great country.  The rebuilding of a community in spirit serves several purposes.  There is the history, the stories, the farming culture, the morals and values to pass on.

Like the Sharecroppers, our objectives are:

  1. To bring awareness and recognition to the plight of the many sharecroppers, both men & women, black & white, who risk all that they had in order to make better living and working conditions to those in need
  2. To provide higher educational opportunities through grants, to i

We offer these services to the former descendants of the Cropperville sharecropper’s community as well as low-income families and at-risk youth in Missouri.  We are taking on this challenge for them and on their behalf to pursue funding and scholarships from national colleges, universities, corporations and a wide range of State and Federal Organizations as well as various independent agencies. We are committed to the economic and social development through education in our communities.

The Owen–Zella Whitfield Foundation is a nonprofit foundation serving the State of Missouri and Illinois primarily, and all territories of the United States.  The 1939 Eviction Protest affected more than 900.000 sharecroppers nationally.